Nailing down a date for a session can be hard. Making sure everyone is on the same page, that one person or another doesn’t have something going on…It can be even harder when one person or another lives out of town. We’d initially thought we could do this session last year during the Thanksgiving week, but one thing or another came up and, well, it just didn’t happen. But we were not going to let that get in the way this year. No Way, Jose. And another thing we weren’t going to let get in the way? The weather. Freezing cold, super fast wind, frost bite kind of weather? Well, you’d never know in the photos below that this is exactly the kind of weather we had :)

I love all this love. I mean look at them? They are freezing their booties off and yet no one is crabby or fighting…if anything, cold weather makes you want to huddle together and lean on each other for warmth, right? Somehow, I think this family huddles together, even when it isn’t 40F outside…



  1. Michael Harris says:


    These are amazing! I have seen your work and have always been amazed at your gift, but now to have seen you work your magic with photos of everything that is important to me in my life, it LITERALLY brought me to tears. I can’t thank you enough for truly capturing our family.

    Thank you so much.