Live Love FAQ

Is the Live Love Experience for me and my family?
This experience is perfect for families who who love each other. If you love your family, this experience is for you. Now, there are some characteristics that are a bit required in order for this experience to happen as naturally as possible. The biggest of them is that you and your spouse are in the mindset that on the day of your session, you’re completely willing to let life happen. This means no freaking out if something doesn’t happen as you hoped or if the kids act up or if one or the other of you isn’t being his/her best. The goal of the Live Love Experience is to capture your family as authentically as possible, loving, teasing and all the bits in between.

I can’t think of any “activities” to do, can ya help me out?
Of course I can! But more importantly, I’ve set up a questionnaire for you and your family to complete that will help you walk through your lives to see what you all enjoy together. I am happy to offer suggestions, but this experience will be better and more memorable for you if you all put a lot of thought and care into it.

I think it’s out of my budget…
Much like wedding day coverage, I’ve set up a plan of action to allow you to make payments in increments, depending on the date of your scheduled session. These sessions are very limited and because of that, they are planned months in advance. All you need to secure your session for the year and month is to make a non-refundable deposit of $500, which is applied towards the experience cost.

What’s included in this “experience”?
Well, first and foremost: a day full of love and creating memories for you and your family. And then, I document your day and bring it back to my digital darkroom to edit the still images and video and create a personalized, one-of-a-kind home movie that includes your whole family; not one of you is left out! In addition to your home movie, you get at least 30 enhanced digital images complete with a reprinting license and print lab suggestion. And because I want you to have something to have in your home, you’ll receive 10 5×7 prints packaged in a custom box. And finally, a wall portrait to display the love you shared this day in your home, to bring you back to the memories you created. Please note: a typical Live Love Experience will include approximately 4 hours of my photographing/filming time.

All I get is a 3 minute video?
Okay, so if you’re asking that question, maybe The Live Love Experience isn’t for you…Or maybe you’re just like my husband and super conservative when it comes to spending money on things he doesn’t quite understand (He doesn’t understand why I have 50 shades of eye shadow when I only have 2 eyes and he doesn’t understand why I have 10 pairs of flip flops). Anyhow, If you’re like him, let me explain…This experience is an opportunity for you to have your lives documented. For you to see and have captured the love and joy in your children’s faces as they spend the most important thing in the world with you…time. For them to have a tangible memory of all of you together, a memory that won’t fade and that can be played at their weddings or shown to their children. This is an opportunity to slow down from your fast paced life and just be in the moment with your children. So, yeah, the final movie may only be 3 minutes or so, but the memories that you make together, the love you share¬† will absolutely last a lifetime. As the saying goes: Life is short. Create, for them, a memory. Create it for you. Let me capture it.

So, wait, you’re not going to tell us what to do?
Quite simply, no. Unfortunately, I don’t live with you nor do I completely understand how your family functions. I don’t know what you do to show your love and I don’t know what makes your love for each other so unique. In order to capture your family as authentically as possible, I have to give you the freedom to just be in the moment. Just Be. Now, I will tell you that when I’m done capturing whatever it is that I’ve captured and let you know that you’re free to move on to the next thing. I will give you a little direction in where to sit, where to face, etc. but it will be very little and most of this will be discussed during our consultation and phone conversations leading up to your big day!

So I get portraits too?
YES! I want you to have portraits too! Now, please remember, because this experience is completely opposite from a traditional family portrait session, your family’s photos will be similar in nature to what your experience is. The more fun and love you have, the more likely that will be displayed in your family photos. This will leave you with more authentic and joyful photos of your family to display around your home.

What if I would like extra copies of the movie or disc of images?
These are absolutely available for an additional cost, please see the pricing page for a full review of the pricing.

Can I still order prints through you? What about Grandma, can she order too?
Of course you can! I only work with the best labs available and I am happy to print your images with them. More information on this will be sent to you along with your final product.

I have questions I didn’t see answers for here…
No problemo (sadly, that’s the extent of my Spanish speaking skills)! Contact me using the contact form at the top of this page (in the menu) or feel free to call me at 832.671.0250