By: Christie
Date: Feb 18, 2012
Categories: Families, Maternity
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It takes tremendous courage when one becomes a mother and father. Your lives are completely changed and suddenly life no longer revolves on those small things that it once had. From the moment you know you are to be a parent, your mind starts changing and growing and dreaming. You are suddenly faced with one of the greatest challenges in life.

And sometimes, right in the middle of it, you’re thrown a curveball that you’d never expected. Without any warning, you have two choices: to worry yourself, or to rise above with courage, hope and faith.

Whitney and Eric, though I have only known them a short time, are two of the most amazing, most courageous, most faith-filled parents I’ve known. 36 weeks into their pregnancy, at the routine check-up, their doctor found some abnormalities. The long-short of it is that some weeks ago, Baby Thatcher had a brain bleed that went unnoticed.  There are a lot of unknowns as to what his prognosis will be, how this will affect his quality of life, etc.  After multiple tests, consultations and visits with experts, Eric and Whitney are left with a lot of information, but also a lot of hope for their baby Thatcher. The thing I find most amazing, is that even with all of the information, the worse case scenarios, the potential heartbreak, they are choosing to celebrate what they have right now. Their baby, healthy and alive and growing. Their family, bonding together, holding each other up. Celebrating that little Thatcher, even unborn, already has a testimony, that he’s brought hundred’s of people to their knees crying out prayers of healing and strength to God.

Here’s an excerpt from one of their recent updates:

Today was full of peace, of a renewal of our spirits, revelations of God’s goodness, and full of evidence of God’s miracles both big and small.  We have prayed from the beginning of this pregnancy that God would use Thatcher in a big way to bring glory to His name.  Today, God used Thatcher to bring people together from all over the US to The Netherlands, Africa, China, Greece, and Australia to look to Him in prayer.  A baby who they’ve told us will not develop past infancy has done more for the Kingdom of God before he is even born than his two parents have ever done!  Praise God! We are more convinced than ever that He is using our child to bring glory to His name and will continue to do so in a big way.  We are continuing to trust in Him, our Creator and Perfecter of life.  We know He can heal and we believe He will heal His child, our sweet baby Thatcher. Thank you all for your prayers, stories of healing, and encouraging words.  We are so humbled and blessed by the out-pouring of love from our brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus.  We only ask that you continue to go to God with expectancy of Him healing sweet Thatcher in accordance to His will.

I am so happy that I get to share the following images with you. As I was editing through, I couldn’t help but be overjoyed for this couple. Their faith is stronger  than before, their love and relationship, as well. I love that these images show their joy in being parents of baby Thatcher and I am humbled that I was given an opportunity to photograph their first family portrait session.